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The Bentley Center

  • We are dedicated to supporting families who have children who are gifted and twice-exceptional. Our goal is to provide the necessary assistance to help these families navigate the challenges they may face and ensure that their children receive the education and support they need to thrive.

  • We provide strengths-based assessments for K-12 students. Your child can be assessed in person or on Zoom. We will create a profile of your child's strengths and interests and provide recommendations to enhance your child's learning, both in and out of school.

  • We are available to present professional development sessions for schools to teachers on neurodiversity, curriculum differentiation, and strengths-based strategies for teaching gifted and twice-exceptional students in the classroom.

Gayle Bentley is a mother to three amazing neurodiverse sons. She has taught in the public school system for twenty-three years and is currently pursuing her doctoral degree in Cognitive Diversity in Education. She regularly presents clinics at state and national conferences about gifted education and neurodiversity.

Gayle Bentley

Founder and Director

If there is anyone who understands the journey of raising neurodiverse children, it is Gayle. Her empathy for parents as they seek an individualized "best fit" for their children's educational needs and behavioral challenges is what led to the development of The Bentley Center.

Our Vision

About our plan

To create a society where neurodiversity is celebrated, and each person uses their unique talents to learn, work, and live a fulfilling life

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Our Mission

To cultivate the strengths and talents of gifted and 2e children while supporting their parents' mental, physical, and emotional well-being through counseling, support groups, and other self-care strategies

What is 2e?

Twice-exceptional students show high abilities in certain areas and have one or more disabilities. A student's disabilities may mask high abilities, and their high abilities often mask disabilities.

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2e students who spend the majority of school time focused on areas of weakness may become uninspired to learn and may not reach their full potential. Strengths can be used to accommodate weaknesses.

  • Is your child highly curious but has trouble finishing schoolwork?
  • Does your child have exceptional memory abilities but struggles with writing, spelling, or organizing their thoughts?
  • Does your child have intense, narrowly-focused interests?
  • Does your child have trouble making friends?
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2e students benefit when they are encouraged to work in their areas of strength and interest. This will encourage engagement in their learning.

From To Be Gifted & Learning Disabled, by Dr. Susan Baum, Dr. Robin Schader, and Dr. Steven Owen (2017)

What is Asynchrony?

Have you ever noticed that your child can do certain things quite well, even beyond what you might expect for their age but needs help performing seemingly simple tasks, like tying their shoes? This is a phenomenon known as “asynchrony.” Because different parts of their brains are developing at varying speeds, we can expect asynchrony in our neurodiverse kids. We are here to help you support these differences in your child.

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The Bentley Center

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Identify and create the best K-12 educational environment for students

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Our 3 Pillars of Support

Our 3 Pillars of Support

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Boost the mental, physical, and emotional health of parents

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Discover and

support career goals for neurodiverse HS students and

young adults

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The Bentley Center

How We Can Help Your Child

  • Strengths-based assessments

  • Talent development and enrichment recommendations

  • School and classroom recommendations based on a student's strengths and challenges

  • Referrals to high-quality professionals if additional testing is needed



Financial aid is available upon request

  • Speak by phone or Zoom for recommendations
  • Student assessments on Zoom or in person
  • Visit a school or other environment
  • Attend meetings for your child

How We Can Help Parents

  • Parent support groups

  • Parent-to-parent mentorship

  • Mindfulness and yoga training

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  • Counseling for parents of neurodiverse children

  • Presentations on neurodiversity and parenting strategies

  • Consultation with a nutritionist

Let us help you, so you can be there for your child.

The Bentley Center

Our unique mentorship program for HS students and young adults

...coming soon!

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  • Mentees are carefully matched to mentors using interests and strengths-based assessments

  • Mentors are trained in the specific needs of neurodiverse students to provide a successful experience

  • Students are taught skills to be successful to ensure learning and connections with mentors take place

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