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Shep and Anna

"Gayle has been immeasurably helpful to our family. In trying to figure out the perfect placement for our neurodivergent son who did not thrive in a typical classroom setting, we were overwhelmed and feeling defeated. Gayle was motivating, encouraging, and efficient in directing us to the resources and school learning environment that was right for him. Her expertise and passion for neurodivergent children is inspiring and motivating. Our son would not be where he is emotionally or academically without her guidance. We are forever thankful."

Anna Goodman Client of The Bentley Center

"Gayle's experience, gained through decades of teaching students through the formative years of their lives, has made her an expert at identifying the educational needs of children. Her approach of looking at the entire child, their thought processes, their interests, their passions, their difficulties, and their capabilities sets her apart from many professionals in the field of education. Gayle's experiences as an educator, student, and mother make her uniquely qualified to guide parents to choices that will make a positive impact on the lives of their children."

Kelly Rosato Client of The Bentley Center