What is 2E?

Twice-exceptional students show high abilities in certain areas and have one or more disabilities. A student’s disabilities may mask high abilities, and their high abilities often mask disabilities.

Gifted and 2E students often display asynchrony. 

Have you ever noticed that your child can do certain things quite well, even beyond what you might expect for their age but needs help performing seemingly simple tasks, like tying their shoes? This is a phenomenon known as “asynchrony.” 

Because different parts of their brains are developing at varying speeds, we can expect asynchrony in our neurodivergent kids. We are here to help you support these differences in your child.

2e students who spend the majority of school time focused on areas of weakness may become uninspired to learn and may not reach their full potential. Strengths can be used to accommodate weaknesses.

2e students benefit when they are encouraged to work in their areas of strength and interest. This will encourage engagement in their learning.

From To Be Gifted & Learning Disabled, by Dr. Susan Baum, Dr. Robin Schader, and Dr. Steven Owen (2017)